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AED-6 Defibrillator Unlock

AED-6 Defibrillator The portable AED-6 (Automated External Defibrillator) resuscitates casualties using an embedded, rhythm-tracking microprocessor to determine ventricular fibrillation or tachycardia and emit, via wet-gel secretion paddles, appropriately leveled, biphasic charges.

Wrench Unlock

Wrench The DysTek Repair v2.0 addition replaces the HOFF-3000's manual control with an automated repair function around your vehicle.

Medic Pack

Medic Pack

Camouflage Unlock

Camouflage Mimicking ambient light and background texture patterns through a microprocessor-controlled, fiber-optic, DLD (dynamic liquid display) fabric, the IT-33 Active Camouflage System enables a soldier to reduce his visibility by up to 90%.

II-29 Motion Mine Unlock

II-29 Motion Mine The II-29 Motion Mine uses an advanced TDD (Target Detection Device) to actively track and seek enemy vehicles by detecting their electronic and infrared signatures. The II-29's explosive yield is lower than traditional mines, as a significant portion of the mine's housing is dedicated to the TDD.

Medic Hub Unlock

Medic Hub An upgraded version of the standard issue Medical Hub, the Advanced Med Hub includes an additional supply of antibiotics, health revivers and muscle stimulants including soloxil, dyphatine and quivinol, expediting a medic's health provision capabilities. Using the Advanced Medic Hub, an infantryman can heal his team mates inside and near the vehicle he's sitting in.

Ammo Hub Unlock

Ammo Hub Using the Advanced Ammo Hub, an infantryman can greatly increase the rate that ammunition can be delivered to his peers. The AAH will also resupply soldiers inside and near the vehicle he's sitting in.

SLS Beacon Unlock

SLS Beacon The SLSB (Squad Leader Spawn Beacon) allows players to quickly deploy at the beacon's current location via drop-pod. The training for proper use of the device is only available for Squad Leaders with 1 Squad Member.

Sonar Unlock

Sonar The microprocessor-based PDS-1 detects vehicles within the vicinity using a Sonar tracking system that distinguishes sub-elevation and atmospheric reverberations. Both type and position of the vehicles in range of the device are determined and displayed through the NetBat™ for all squad members.

Recon Drone Unlock

Recon Drone The airborne RD-4 Otus is a short-range Reconnaissance Drone used to identify the location and movement of enemy forces behind cover using sonic differentiation and acoustic analysis to identify and track human heart rhythms. Enemy targets are transmitted to the squad's NetBat™ System. The training for proper use of the device is only available for Squad Leaders with 2 Squad Members.

V5 EMP Grenade Unlock

V5 EMP Grenade Unlike a standard grenade, which generates physically damaging fragmentation, the V5 EMP Grenade releases an electromagnetic wave that creates a short-circuit effect, temporarily slowing or disabling nearby vehicles and electronic devices.

II-14 EMP Mine Unlock

II-14 EMP Mine The larger, more powerful, stationary cousin of the EMP grenade, the II-14 EMP Mine utilizes the same electromagnetic pulse methodology to fully immobilize nearby machinery in almost all situations.

DS-22 Sniper Decoy Unlock

DS-22 Sniper Decoy The Ghost (DS-22 Sniper Decoy), built in the summer of 2141 by PAC scientists, provided a deployable decoy for the recon soldier who equipped it. In the right hands this simple device became one of the most lethal weapons of the war, with the potential to lure any enemy, even entire squads, into a false state of security. On the battlefield the 'Ghost', as it became known, delivered more than just death, but fear and uncertainty to all enemy spotting troops.

CM3-N Radar Grenade Unlock

CM3-N Radar Grenade The CM3-N Radar Grenade is an updated version of the SG-34 Smoke Grenade. Soldiers on the battlefield wanted to locate possible threats before covering the area in smoke. By using parts from the IDS-1 'Infantry Sonar' it was possible to add a short range radar sweep to the grenade.

MMB-5 Motion Mine Bait Unlock

MMB-5 Motion Mine Bait The MMB-5 or 'Motion Mine Bait' was created to give Engineers a more lethal method of disposing of mines. Instead of simply defusing a set of Magnetic Mines, an Engineer using the Motion Mine Bait can throw the bait, directing the mines to a new position. After a period of time the bait detonates destroying itself along with the mines following it.

IDS-1 Unlock

IDS-1 The IDS-1 'Infantry Sonar' greatly enhances the situational awareness of not only the individual soldier that deploys it, but friendly soldiers across the battlefield. Capable of being re-equipped and placed at strategic positions across the map, a close support soldier using the IDS-1 properly can create an extremely effective advanced warning system anywhere on the battlefield.