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Author ZENMS
GraphicID 9950
Picture size 600 x 250 Pixel
Format png
Category Signature: Misc


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country BULL3T 07-08-31 14:40
mir wird in der signatur angezeigt das ich ein purple heart hab und kein gold star.... das is aber falsch ich hab 14 gold stars und kein einzigen purple heart....aber ansonsten sieht die signatur geil aus xD
country ZENMS 07-05-08 01:42
Read the file, and enjoy! I am going to add more to the lower center block, not sure what as of yet, but I want more in there other than favorites! Maybe ribbons? hmmmm....
country nharrison21 07-05-08 16:17
everything is ok except the medals i know i havent won all of them just fyi
country ZENMS 07-05-10 03:00
yeah for some reason the non-awarded medals are not shading out, I will haveto check it and see what pooped out.
country dxsimpson 07-05-18 03:10
heh heh this panel was starting to drive me nuts then I realized that you can make the clan tag anything you want.. so it isnt for ASF only, anyone can use it! Nice work Zen, looks good and is easy to setup, once you know what you are doing! I hope my emails were not a pain, but thanks for the help!
country Quinke 07-06-22 17:52
Hey ZENMS I know what you did wrong with the medals. You need to put these variables under awards section

$wdhp = 35
$hghp = 25
$wdhps = 20
$hghps = 20
country warcryhero 07-07-15 09:43
sweet one
country warcryhero 07-07-15 10:13
oh i think u got your purple heart and gold medal code mixed up. because i don't have a ph. and i have 8 gold medals

country ZENMS 08-03-29 15:06
Update: Think I fixed medals, please let me know if not!! Adjusted mission status so it is placed easier to read.