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How I link this BF2142 Stats site?

You can link this site with the following banners.

<a href="" alt="" title="2142-Stats"><img src="" border="0"></a>


<a href="" alt="" title="2142-Stats"><img src="" border="0"></a>


Please be advised, if you use the BBCodes to remove the / at the start Tag.
Written on 06-10-22 18:46 from HigH_HawK Rating count: 11 | Rating: 8.73 | Rating


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narkospanden 06-11-01 16:27
Wen is the stats going to work ?
1ApRiL 06-11-01 22:17
This site will work in a few weeks. With EA or without EA.
RanK3r 06-11-06 08:16
How I link this BF2142 Stats site?

why will i want to link to this website while 2 weeks waiting for my stats to come up!!

you're not doing good job by writing the website isnt complete, do something and talk with the EA and link ur self!.
1ApRiL 06-11-06 15:37
Sorry, but EA DICE never answear to my emails.
RanK3r 06-11-07 22:56
good luck, really prays with ya,
they are just worthless to talk with, they just want people to beg them for the stats!, DAMN I HATE THE DICE, AND I HATE EA WHEN IT RELEASE SOMETHING NEW :@
lackofrespect 06-11-12 11:52
good site this is
Alex00723 06-11-24 13:54
wen will the stats signatures be workin. I want 2 use tat on my clan page. =(
landpray 06-12-01 20:39
i like this page better than the EA one. much easier to read. good luck getting dice off the can.
gvnrRickPerry 07-01-13 03:16
Will someone please tell me when/where I will be able to get a sig for 2142??? I have looked all over the internet but, right when I think I have found something, the site says "BF2142 Stats cannot be updated"!! Whats up with that.. Will someone just go out on a limb and start it back up? Jeeze... whats the worst that could happen?>
pandoranl 07-01-22 16:42
hello, when i search my soldiers name it wont desplay my soldier it says: an error has acured
Pvt. Mac 07-03-30 17:40
Yeah i know my clan told me to get my stats page but every time i go to i get a blocked3 message
Ryder9001 07-03-30 18:13
Hi, i am new in here, before i have changed Bf2142 I have played BF2, my problem is i can not find my player stats in BF2142 stats can anyone help m.
kerbouchard06 07-04-08 19:10
yea i am new too and my stats says an error has occured
and it also says blocked3 message too so hope they start this again soon
redrum 07-04-17 16:17
i got sam prob as "kerbouchard06" & i didnt recieve an email? What goin on?
teufelhund1987 07-04-26 17:57
my stats are wrong, in BF2142 i am a warrant officer gold and here on this site i am a corporal gold, when is this getting fixed, or what do i have to do to fixe it?
Ninjajedi26 07-06-30 22:04
i really like this site, much better than the EA one =D!!
ShotGlockMF 07-07-20 17:19
How can i link my stats into a sig?
Ramaro 07-09-22 16:40
How do you get you signitures when they are updated
djjoe 08-02-03 11:08
<a href="" alt="" title="2142-Stats"><img src="" border="0"></a>
StrikerXtreem 08-06-24 23:53
Hi. Is it possible to incorporate my clans stat player list into our website? I only want to iFrame the table itself.
AGENTIK 10-07-22 13:26
Why is my User country flag does not change?