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How can I see my stats?

You can see your stats by using the search bar in the top left hand corner.

You either see your Stats directly or you will be shown a list with matches to your search criteria.
If you should not see your Stats directly but a List including your Soldiers name, please click on the "Add" Button.
The Button will be replaced with your Queue number.

The number is getting smaller in a second interval (invisible).
As soon as your Queue number hits zero it will be added to our Database and you will be able to see your stats.

If you wish to see your updated stats everytime, you can click again on this Button or your register on our site to be permanently in our Queue.

Read the following:
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warbz18 07-05-11 20:54
i have done all this and obtained a link to put the stats in my sig, but when i add the link to my sig, all that actually shows up is a little white box with a red cross in the top corner.
Anti-Theory 07-06-08 20:04
My queue number is going into the negatives... Is this normal? I've waited mor than 24 hours now and still no stats update.
HigH_HawK 07-07-09 13:52
@warbz18: Please could you give me the Signature ID and I will try to investigate.

@Anti-Theory: I will have a look at this.
RagingJustice 07-07-19 13:57
My stats seem to have stopped being updated for the last several months. I've won badges and ribbons that don't appear here. Am I doing something wrong?
gasher1963 07-08-07 18:11
i noticed some of the players show a picture type stats that show all ribbons etc in a singal format. Looks like a picrture? any ideas
Antihero1176 07-09-11 14:19
Why dont my stats update?
hunters-cgs- 07-09-16 15:59
how come my stats are old i cant see them updating??? any suggestions plz
1ApRiL 07-09-16 19:03
hunters-cgs- your stats do not update because your last seen time at the top is lower than your time of last update.

If you play on a gameserver, you will get your update.
peacefulkancer 07-09-29 09:34
Ostranza has a very high queue position and has had one for about 2 weeks now. Can this account queue position be reset?
Ewokinator 07-10-04 01:55
None of my stats have ever shown up since the demo and I have been playing for 4-5 days now and I queue isn't working at all it goes to like 1 or some other number then just goes back down to Queue after its counted down and no anything...
sensiitiy 07-10-24 06:47
Why my stats sometime is very slowly update.I Refresh website a lot but it not update ...

p.s i'm sorry to interrupt a little bit i will do my IT homework too -0-

creasekeeperr 08-01-10 00:33
i've queued my update thing, but it doesn't update any of my stats. My last update was on the 1st of January 08. It also doesn't show my awards at all now. Any suggestions?
kole 08-01-27 15:30
I can see my stats and everything is fine till I check my awards section its all in blank it doesnt show any award that Ive had or any new one any ideas whats going on?
Rindae 08-02-04 00:40
The queuenumber wont go down. Says "4" all day long.
MrSig 08-04-25 02:04
How can you get a new soldier to be cashed?

I have added it, but days pass, and still it's not cached...
F3Rbenjamin 08-07-12 13:23
no updates from the stats site..
why beginning a stats site if you dont update it..
you suck
Digs37 08-07-29 00:14
my rankings don't show??? why is this?
z0oi0 08-08-23 09:32
my rank Dig0 no update more!!! why?
S1m0n3 08-08-30 12:19
How can i see my queue position??
Angelic1 08-09-08 13:07
Stats, Badges and unlocks not updating for almost a week now. What's going on?
CAPT-CRAZY 08-09-08 17:22
Having same problem, all stats have stopped updating as of 08-09-03. What's the problem?
air^Snake 08-09-10 14:36
neither here or in game my awards have shown up. Have i wasted my time again?
Wallacker 09-02-10 11:12
My stats stopped updating as of 08-10-29. Just curious as to why.
Vlammen 09-04-29 13:30
what code do i use to display the date "last online" in the signature? When i use the regular code it comes out like: YY-MM-DD
I want it shown the other way around: DD-MM-YY
How do i do this?
Green_Llama 09-11-08 02:36
How the heck do you get the code for your sig?
Green_Llama 09-11-08 02:49
i mean, could someone please tell me how to make one
Green_Llama 09-11-08 03:27
nvr mind, figured it out
midnight2010 10-06-22 18:45
started a new soldier...unable to see proper stats...
majskidmarks 11-05-18 20:19
I cannot find the add button..???
SoldierDatIsDa 15-04-28 14:14
When I type my soldier and when I done with that I don't know what to do next