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When will work the BF2142 Stats?

Most of BF2142 players wait for updated stats here and on other stats websites.
The way this Stats website had used to refresh stats become blocked from EA / IGN GameSpy.

The statement to the Stats from November still applies.
There have been some questions regarding stats sites for Battlefield 2142. We will be allowing these stat sites to provide the services many of you have enjoyed with BF2. However we are currently taking steps to ensure that the activity of these sites, specifically the additional traffic they create for the Stats Database Servers, does not negatively impact players in game. Over the course of the next few weeks we will be finalizing the steps needed to ensure a quality experience for all players.

Source: Official Battlefield 2142 Webseite

The people of EA / IGN GameSpy work on the Stats feed for us and other web pages.
We must unfortunately wait and wait to EA / IGN GameSpy until they release the stats feed for us.


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ronin6969001 06-12-31 04:39
so any idea when stats will be up??
wojtekc27 07-01-03 15:19
BK-Tech why my stats are not here?
Bandare 07-01-07 14:28
It's time EA learnt that they can't be be best at everything and provide a better and more useful stats system!
irish_knight 07-01-08 01:44
ea can go to hell until they fix the bugs and lag then they can come back :) I W4NT MY STAT SITES!!!! !111
SHFila4 07-01-14 10:21
FIX THE SITE EA/IGN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Primo 07-01-15 02:23
stat=off, titan=off ... etc=off ... why i pay betatest?? :(
TonyThriller 07-01-15 04:01
wraith0803 07-01-15 09:48
i am not happy:(
SilverSurfer79 07-01-15 15:29
SilverSurfer79 07-01-16 15:51
Lucas2142 07-01-23 15:10
Is it me or EA does not care about it's customer/gamers. When we send an e-mail for question Like what are the PERM bonus points, EA comes back with an e-mail saying, don't bother with it or don't you known. If we asked the question it must be because we do not known. I am seriously considering to UB Soft Rainbow Six Vegas game and forget about EA games foreever if as customer we are worth nothing, fixing stats for them should be a max of a week works but no it F...Off our customer you are bothering us

I am not purchasing the expansion pack until we get some fixes, that gives them 3 months.....can it be done???
=H3LL= M@dM@n 07-01-28 11:29
EA & friends, there a joke. BF2142 is the last EA game that i will buy, there taken us for a ride.
pacinolife 07-01-31 20:15
I get the same crappy feeling from EA ignoring it's community like how IW ignored the COD2 community and left us stuck with a bugged out game. It's ashame really!
sil3ncer 07-02-02 05:46
NOW i'm pissed with THIS SITE!!!
I can't choose a standard soldier and WORST IS



LuckyLuigi 07-02-02 12:30
What I find strange is that allows you to update your stats quite often, usually every 48 hours or so. Perhaps you should talk to these guys as my stats haven't been updated here since 07-01-2007
That aside, I love the site !
Midnit3 07-02-04 21:51 has stats sigs that work properly and with regular updates, so why cant you guys have it?
ymajik 07-02-06 13:37
None off the two sites just mentioned work...

This website is a huge source of information, pretty and well made. Way better than the official site.

Just have patience, and hope EA and IGN will cooperate. It's their fault, not the makers of this site. Respect!
LuckyLuigi 07-02-06 14:41
I don't know what you're talking about, ymajik, the site works just fine. The other site also works, but has long load times.
ymajik 07-02-07 21:01 has the same problem as this site. Here my stats are shown, but on the other website i'm still private... And the site keeps crashing, and i'm not the only one with that problem.
ymajik 07-02-07 21:21 has the same problem as this site. Here my stats are shown, but on the other website i'm still private... And the site keeps crashing, and i'm not the only one with that problem.
ryanhollings 07-02-09 12:00


RascZak 07-02-09 13:53
Having the same problems... Cant see any stats of my soldier, only get an error.
Alex00723 07-02-10 13:07
that was november... FFS ITS FEBRUARY ALREADY!! 4 MONTHS! over the next few week?! it has been 13 weeks already!
omg94 07-02-13 16:37
Why are people getting so angry - this is a free site and you have no right to be such children with the capital letters and swearing for the lack of a free service that is not provided becasue of events beyond these people's control, sheesh. EA are nubs for not making an effective stats provider but the people on this site have done no wrong.
RascZak 07-02-14 02:03
Alright... My patience have ended here=P My character doesnt show up at all and its been a while.
(EA sucks! EA STAT site SUCKS even worse!)
Least some good stat details on this page .. from what I seen on other characters sadly...
clan-killer 07-02-15 23:59
SooLoo 07-02-23 17:59
Postman_RAF 07-02-24 13:41
does anybody know how to get to major general?
Wakeman 07-02-24 17:59
I WANT MY STATS!!!!!!!!!!!!![SIZE=+3][/SIZE]
MadScotsBloke 07-02-28 04:24
I applied at the same time as other clan members and they have had theirs updated one minute I am 2560 in the queue now I am 3700 or something, I know this is free but not much use if it is not updated?
bos.Ardani 07-02-28 07:44
I've an question, when my stats are updated. My stats are 2 to 3 weeks old. Ardani
RicardoSM4 07-02-28 10:58
This is the worst site. I can see my stats. I lost my time whith suks.
THPD 07-03-06 01:42
furgaz 07-03-11 16:17
please update my stats
MyGunBo 07-03-19 13:09
can any1 tell me why my stats haven't been updated this week i have all northen strike awards but they are not showing up on here can some 1 please update alll stats please
DarkZenith 07-03-19 16:08
It takes time for the stats to be updated, as EA do not allow direct feed from in-game stats (apparently due to this causing server lag), also consider how many people are signed up with this site, you are not the only user and thus must wait your turn. Be patient, they'll be updated as soon as EA/IGN release the feed. If you want to point fingers, blame EA, not this site's admins.
1ApRiL 07-03-19 16:17
If your stats do not update for a long time you can reenter the soldier in your control panel.
First delete the soldier and add it again.
MyGunBo 07-03-20 22:53
right first of all i wasn't blaming any1 second i checked soldier the day i posted up about it all and i was 1686 in the list now i am 8687 in the list so what is up with that ??? and no i haven't been updated ever :S maybe i will check it in about a months time to see if i have been updated or even been moved back down the list like 18067 not slagging you guys off this webby is the best i have been on but ea needs to pull their fingers out if you all get what im saying
DarkZenith 07-03-21 21:59
My stats have been getting updated fairly regularly, I really can't say I've had any problems thus far.
MyGunBo 07-03-25 13:56
MyGunBo is Offline last Server (07-02-24 19:34): -=F&B=- Ranked BF2142???? the last time i was on a server was yesterday so whats all that about ??
Rendrex 07-03-28 19:50
wow my stats dont work at all !!
MyGunBo 07-03-30 01:46
thank you my stats have been updated and now i have been able to update my sig cheers 1ApRil your the tops :)
Pvt. Mac 07-03-30 20:18
My stats arnt evan allowed to be looked at by me!
I get this crapy Blocked3 Message!
hellrider 07-04-16 02:05
i never recieved my authentication email lol ... my stats are way off reality..
mayanspear 07-04-17 23:18
hey guys i was wondering how to update your stats?? i been using the update buttom and it doesnt seem to be working. And I also follow the instructions after i press the buttom but i cannot find category "other data" can someone help me thanks.
sneaky git 07-04-19 11:05
er I did not recieve my authentication e-mail
can this be looked into please
thanks in advance
sneaky git
1ApRiL 07-04-19 13:57
If you didn't get an authentication email, please write an email to me via the Contact formular.
autodork 07-04-23 15:21
Hi, my 'place' in the queue for stats to be updated (in the Control Panel/Soldiers) keeps changing. This morning it was around 700 and now it has gone back up to around 13000 - what gives?
Panther-107th 07-04-27 12:12
some people just havent got any patience here, have some respect for the people who build this site, I'm sure they will work as fast as they can but they depent on what they got delevered from EA and IGN. So please stop the moaning and just have some patience ...
AvEFoEniX 07-04-30 20:15
warbz18 07-05-03 16:20
my soldier was 2000-something in the queue yesterday,
today its 10000 something.
wtf is happening?
1ApRiL 07-05-03 17:32
warbz18, your stats get updated.
That's normal.
When the position reach 0, you get updated and it add's you again at the last position.
mcmurdock88 07-05-06 13:55
Why I have still one week old stats, without changes???????????????
1ApRiL 07-05-06 14:30
Your last update was on 6th May at 04:16.
That is not a week.
Your last game: 07-05-05
If you play again you will get another update.
jammin 07-05-07 06:28
my stats havent up dated for months!
mcmurdock88 07-05-09 21:40
It was luck, after my message here, it was changed. Today I hade big awords, so I am curries whan it will update :)
DesmondLocke 07-05-11 06:24
As it turns out, for those who were actually patient enough, stats on this site and others are updated fairly regularly.
Plus I have to say the layout of the stats on this site are the best by far. (Except for that weapon labelled 'Unknown'....hmmm.)
Dopers 07-06-23 06:03
Wow, ok guys... dry ur eyes and stop your crying. Almost everyone here has done nothing but bitch about how this doesn't work and how EA is screwing everyone and blah,blah,blah...

Next time, before you start to complain some more, go try to make a game of your own, supply it with a stats server then you can complain on how bad this one is. What would you prefer, lag in the game, or not having ur stats updated on a website? Goto BFHQ it's got all ur stats right there without having to leave the game.

I'm so sick of listening to people cry about how nothing works right and these people are trying to screw us and this should be better then it is and this is why...

you all have such great minds, instead of complaining for someone else to fix it, do it urself, or better yet, make the next great game. Untill then, STFU!
J0hn5on 07-07-20 02:08
OWNED!!!!!! Dopers just got 5 distinguished efficiency pins for that post.
SGT613 07-11-26 20:14
True, true..chill out. Just wondering if you have stats that show past the Brig General. Noted that my stats are Lieutenant General on EA and BF2142Tracker, but not here. I love the site and like to use your site. So I was just wondering if that was something for later.
Jimm0387 08-01-06 22:15
All the sites say i have not played since the second of january, but that not true
Sephiroth_uk 08-01-26 16:31
Guys whats happened to my stats??? They have disapeered and I'v never had a problem with this site managing my stats. Could anyone tell me whats happening.
SloICEMAN 08-01-30 17:02
I have a question regarding using a signature. I uploaded it but it doesn't show any of the medals/ribbons/badges. Under the awards category of my soldier it shows 100% on them but they are not colored in. Wondering if there is a glitch in the website and if it is something the Admins are going to fix.
Great site thanks for everything.
OrdiBart 08-02-15 12:53
100% doesn't mean you got it. Might be you still have to accomplish something else. Maybe you need 10 kills in a round for instance.
mpgorney 08-08-01 08:26
It's not easy to provide such elaborate and smooth running servers like EA does. Everyone thinks that writing a 50 page essay sucks
when all you do is take information you have, pull out pieces, and put them together. Programming, specifically multithreaded programming, is not simple. It is easy to have hundreds of pages of code only to govern movement of the character and his weapon. If you think it is just a matter of "throw more money at it", then maybe you should quit complaining about paying $50 for a game, or go get a degree as a computer programmer. If you can make it through the classes, you can make us some fantastic games that integrate everything into a seamless, no lag, always up system. Until then, please go back to your jobs and back off, these people are doing their (previously written multiple times as "there"...WRONG) best.
soulcrusher1170 08-09-06 06:27
When my soldier updates nothing on my stats changes. How do I resolve this problem? Thanks.
TheGeebs 08-09-08 19:55
Stat updating is frozen right now. Both slow updates and the fast queue don't update stats. Current info seems to be a week old
MG744ELITE 09-08-19 10:20
This Site is very slow not suggested takes days 2 update but at least it has a level of admin activity but still not suggested
ryulien 09-09-17 06:48
yeah im still waiting for 2 days now to see me as Lieutenant General =D i wanna show off on my sig in forums lolz
butkicker94 09-12-19 21:37
BEE_GrimReaper 10-01-02 05:49
Last successful stat update for my account was Oct 24th.... and after waiting a whole update cycle again, I got up to -24 in the update queue. Apparently the feed is not being correctly received. Other pages with stats update normally.
jackfair 10-08-22 08:08
still stuck at 624 in the line and i have noticed others are getting updated as well.

day 2 being stuck there