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Bacon's badge/ribbon tips $ tricks #4

I'll format this later and proof it. just wanted to get it out there

Squad Leader Badge
IAR - 10 SLB spawns
IAR - 20 SLB Spawns
300 SL success points
IAR - 30 SLB spawns
600 SL success points

This badge has probably the worst requirements ever. You are expected to let your squad mates die for the better of the squad leader. It may not be so bad depending on the size of your squad. Thing is you need to get them to spawn on your beacon. I do not know if your own beacon spawns count. Easiest way is to have a full six man squad. Hopefully you know them or they are willing to use the beacon. Placing the beacon on the titan is usually a good place to make sure people use it. in conquest, certain maps have a good places to place the beacon. You pretty need a place that

A: the beacon wont be destroyed easily
B: A place where you wont land and die in 1 second

Poor beacon placement will mean people wont use it.
For the gold you are expecting that your 5 squad mates will die and spawn on the beacon a minimum of 6 times each (or 5 if yours count)

For the SL success points, you really need to work as team. As the SL you need to give orders and get your team to do those orders. You also need to stick together while fighting. Best thing is to defend a specific flag/silo and stay with everyone. If you give a defend command and stick together at said silo/flag you get points for killing things with in the radius of yourself and points for being near the flag/silo you said to defend. There is no other way to get SL success points easily and you can't get them at all unless you work in close proximity to each other and/or do what you command them to do.

Titan & Conquest Commander
IAR - 30 Commander Points
IAR - 20 Commander Minutes
1000 Commander Score
IAR - 25 commander Minutes
4000 Commander Score

These badges are fairly easy to get. You just need to spend time commanding in Titan and Conquest mode.
As of now assault lines command points DO NOT COUNT! I have over 4000 conquest points (about 2000) are from assault lines and I cant get the conquest command badge.

Stick with Titan and vanilla conquest maps. There isn't much more to do. You will get this quicker if you are on the winning team and if you get lots of commander bonus points which means do your job and spot, drop, and uav for your team.
For the times IAR use larger player servers as the round will last longer. Titan you really wont have an issue as those rounds normally last 25+ minutes anyway. I will add that it seems easier to get command points in titan that conquest so the conquest one may take a bit longer than the titan one (it is in my case because of the stupid Assault line points not counting!)

Also remember, fighting as commander doesn't help you get more points, you actually get yourself less points for every thing you do since you take potential points away from a teammate.

Medic,REsupply,Engineer Excellence
IAR - 8 support action points
IAR - 10 support action points
10 Hours with Tool/Hub
IAR - 15 supply action points
60 hours with tool/hub
400 Supply action points (200 for Engineer)

I lupped these together because the requirements are pretty much the same. If you get these badges you set yourself up for the Honorable Service Medal. (You'll need 400 repair and 100 total hours)

Each of the support action have easy, hard, and cheap ways to get them. I'll start with medic.
Since the 1.20 (or was it 1.25?) patch you only need a 50% heal to get a heal point. This makes it much easier to get. Best thing you can do is just follow some people around with the hub out and heal people. Use crowded maps like Camp or do it in the titan. Titan works becaue you can place it anywhere and it works through floors and ceilings. Maps like Camp, peoeple like to camp on the roofs near the harbor so can plop it there and get some as well. Normally if you follow people with the hub out, you just end up dying because you are actually trying to get the points. A cheap way I've seen some people get them is to find some AFK guy on a ff=On server and just shoot him to near death and heal him. I do not recommend this. Use as last resort! Since the patch though, you only need to heal 4,5 or 8 people from near death to 100%. So find people with that sliver of life and heal them.

Resupply is probably the easier just because of the titan. Unlike the other two you need a 100% resupply to get a point. But people like to camp the titan corridors so stick a box down and help the spammers (this is the only time I will allow it) But the titan has other good options to. You can resupply the recon people placning RDX and APMs. You can also resupply vehicles, the mech seems the easiest as it goes through ammo very fast.
Being in a squad might as help as well because you can follow people around, specially in a vehicle, and just resupply all the time.

engineer is probably the hardest or easiest depending on the circumstances. Easiest way is to repair the titan guns. You get so many free repairs but you really need people to be using the guns to get the rest. Maps like sidi power plant are good because of the abundance of AA guns that will fire at the titan. Make sure the titan can move though) Use a large player server so there is higher chance someone will sit there and use the guns the entire round.
I have also heard that you can repair the command supply boxes. I need to try this. Repair commander assets if they are destroyed for a almost 2 full points.

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Lupes? 07-07-05 00:26
30 beacon drops, i got it very unexpected:
i had only 2 other squad members;
one died 36 times, the other one 33 times
(while attacking the titan...)
pretty easy to get the golden badge with these 2 guys ^^
Novtalath 07-07-09 09:20
I got my 30 spawns on Camp. Placed beacon near ruins and I had a full squad... So I got Silver And Gold one round :> But I had almost 500 Team point already when I had a Bronze Badge. Thay have spawned on my beacons about 100 times :> That was 48 Player map :>
SpartanAdam 07-07-24 08:53
I got my 30 squad beacons on Cerebre Landing by placing it on top of the command center. My guys could spawn on the roof then go down to fight and die.
klhenry97 07-08-11 14:58
One tip for the repair points: Those that do not spawn as engys in the titan will not stop to get into a titan gun if it is showing a red x, even if you're standing there with your repair tool out. So I go to each titan gun and repair it just enough to get it green. This provides a little more incentive for players to get on the gun. Once they sit down, I repair the gun to full health to get the points.
M0nk3yl0v3r 07-08-24 11:44
Thanx Bacon These were helpful. With the engineers badge is it possible to get yopur kills as a commander and these count for the Engy's Badge as well?
bigbacon 07-10-25 19:48
Yes, you can get any kills related requirement as commander except destruction of titan and commander assets (consoles, cores etc.)
XlinkK 08-05-03 16:23
If im correct, you need 30 beacon spawn in a row? if the beacon is destroyed it doesent count?
the.mont 09-01-29 00:52
XlinkK, in one round, so it doesnt matter if it gets destroyed, just put a new one