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Bacon's badge/ribbon tips $ tricks #5

Originally posted on the forums by ME (bigbacon)

Infantry Officer Ribbon
IAR - 20 minutes as squad leader
40 hour as squad leader

Super easy, just do what it says. If you can't get this one, you need to go play tetris.

Distinguished Unit Service Ribbon
Rating: Easy
IAR - 15 team points
10 hours as squad member
10 hours as squad leader
10 hours as commander

Again, very easy. 10 hours as everything and 15 teamwork points. Dr. Mario for you if you can't get this.
Remember teamwork score is the thing with the 2 people humping in the scoreboard so use support actions and silo/flag capping because not doing these things will make sure you don't get many teampoints.
A flag/silo cap = 3 teamwork points so keep that in mind (1 for graying and 2 for capping.)

Meritorious Unit Service Ribbon
Rating: easy - medium
IAR - 18 minutes as squad member
IAR - 40 teamwork points
20 hours as squad member

The only hard part bout this ribbon is 40 teamwork points. Easy things to do is again support actions and flag/silo capping. Capping a flag fully gets you 3 teamwork points and support action points get you 1. Pick a map thats big so the flags or silos are spread out. Just keep capping away if you can. You can really use any map to get this but you may need to work a bit more on some than others. Flag defends are worth 1 point as well. Titan defence is a good way to go also.

Valorous Unit Service Ribbon
Rating: medium
IAR - 55 teamwork points
25 hours as squad member
50 hours as squad leader

Pretty much the same as above but you need 55 teamwork points which makes it a bit harder. Same rules apply though. Cap, support and defend.

Combat Commander Ribbon
IAR - 40 command points (before 2x)
IAR - 20 minutes as commander
80 hours total as commander

Only reason I put this as medium is because 40 points is sometimes really hard to get. Since your score is based on some average of your team's score, you need to have players who are going to get over 40 points to get it. This is something where the longer the round lasts the better chance you have. Remeber, as commander you should not fight when you are trying to get this because every kill or capture you make takes points away from your teammates and doesn't help you at all score wise. Titan is always a good choice because the titan defenders can usually rack up 80 to 100 points in around. This is if your team's titan is being attacked alot. I got mine on conquest on minsk so it is possible to get anywhere. I still feel in conquest, the best thing to do is get a 48+ player server with only a few people on it and hope it doesnt fill up to quickly. Rounds will last forever and the score are usually higher. It's still a crap shoot sometimes though. I think it took me an extra 10 hours as commander to finally get this. Sad thing is, it took me longer to get 40 than it did to get 45 for the WCR.

There isnt much you can do but hope your team rules and gets high score, you really can't impact this much but still doing your job will help.

I also suggest with trying to get the 80 hours of command time is to play titan mode. This way you can sit in the titan AA gun and work on your total AA time as well. I got my AA ribbon and silver AA badge as commander during the quest to 80 hours.


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bigbacon 07-07-31 15:50
All these were originally written on the forums.
neverping 07-08-02 01:07
More tips about...:

Combat Commander Ribbon
A good way to win more 'commanding' points is tell your teammates to group in squads. Issue relevant orders to your squad members and ask them to apply them (example: Attack/defend a flag). Every move of the squad members and squad leaders make about that issued order (killing an enemy near that issued order) will generated a 'command point'. It's quite easy getting this ribbon on Fall of Berlin, Cerbere Landing and Gibraltar.

Your only problem is the 20 minutes in a round. You have to choose a server that has larger maps with very few slots (choose a server below 30). This can make the battle takes longer because the lower rates of killing (that makes the ticket bleeds pretty quickly).

Meritorious Unit Service Ribbon and Valorous Unit Service Ribbon.

Keep giving ammo or heal your friends. Prefer getting into a large server and with a lot of players (a 48-64 players would be nice). As long as you keep healing / resupplying your teammates, you can get those ribbons pretty quickly. Try, as much as possible, being in any conflict zone but avoid getting into the battle.
riggse 07-08-05 02:27
i need to ask a question about commanding. i didn't know that you lose points for kills and capps. is this the same when defending the titan?
sapienyia 07-08-10 07:45
Re: Valorous Unit Service Ribbon
I would suggest everybody to stick with titan sincethat is the easiest way to get 55 TWPts. 40 pts would be the maximum number for ordinary players in Conquest mode.

Just an advice, try to hop in AA Guns or air transport when you have nothing to do, you will find it useful. I still have to sit in the AA guns for 10h before getting the gold badge for air defense lol, but I have to say, killing 30 is possible and my highest record is 36kills.
El_Barto324 07-08-17 13:35
Valorous Unit Service Ribbon:

Sit in the titan guns, you rack up lots of kill assists, then when shields go down on either titan, attack or defend, my personal fave being rdx, its fun, or you can cap silos until shields go down and attack or defend, each kill you make on titan gives you a teamwork point extra for attacking or defending titan, when i am bouncing around with rdx in a server, i can rack up 60 or 7 0 TW in a round, too bad i just need 4 more hours as squad leader, then this ribbon puts me to brig general :D
Mario24 07-10-06 00:56
WTF Major General, Lieutenant General and Supreme Commander "0x earned"
bigbacon 07-10-08 14:52
You don't actually lose points for doing things as commander, you just wont get as many. Your commander score is made up of a crazy average of how many points your whole team has. So for every action you take that scores points, you are making sure that someone else on your team isn't getting those points so effectively you are losing points.
MeestBozeKaj 07-10-10 22:59
It's come to my attention that you earn a lot more points when your teammates kill enemies that are "locked" (right-mouse click; spotted, in commander screen).. Is this because my team spots them earlier and shoots them more efficiently thus earning more points, or is it just because you locked them???
And to reply to riggse, you shouldn't have time for shooting yourself as commander, with exception to defend yourself, and maybe your base if it's invaded by rdx-snipers, who, ofcourse, are able to blow up some of your commanding special abilities. I advice you to leave the rest up to your team to earn as much points as possible!
TAPOUT09 07-12-09 20:27
hey for the Service Ribbon

ill let you guys in on a little thing i did

go to a busy titan once you fill up the squad member and leader hours

then be an engineer and repair the titan guns

it might take a while but you can do it

or you can just be an awesome medic or supplier

or if you like to be hardcore go do the long thing of capping and defending