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Bacon's badge/ribbon tips $ tricks #6

Originally posted on the forums by ME (bigbacon)

Crew Service ribbon
Rating: easy/medium
IAR 10 road Kills
10 Hours in Transport

Not extremely tough to get. You need 10 hours in a combination of FAV,APC,Air Transport first. Fav and APC are the easiest and quickest way to get 10 hours (plus APC can get you lots of easy points if used well)
When it comes to the road kills pick inantry type maps. This ensures lots of targets all over the place. Easiest map is Tunis Harbor. Very confined road ways and lots of places for you to go in a fav that allows you to use the boost, plus its flat. I found it easiest to be EU and line up in the lower southeast corner of the map and race down the road towards to PAC base. Since the PAC team either has to swim or use the road, you can pick up a few kills. On Cerbere Landing make sure you are EU so you are going down hill, more speed and you know the PAC will be rushing up the hill. There just isnt enough road space and more places for people to go that can bypass the roads.

If you want to be adventerous, try getting 10 in the air trasport.

soldier merit ribbon
IAR 20 kill
10 Best Kill Streak

There is a lot of confusion on the best kill streak. To the best of my knowledge it means during any given round, you have the best kill streak out of all the players. There are a lot of easy way to ensure you get a huge kill streak, one being the titan guns. Using vehicles is probably the second. It's hard to know how well you are doing because you never know how the other players are doing. You pretty much need to limit your deaths and end up with a very high K:D ratio for the round.

Really, your own way to ensure that you may get a best kill streak is to be on a titan server where the titan can move and be in the guns. You can't die so if you get 25 kills you just got a 25 kill streak which is pretty darn good.

20 Kills in a round can be achieved any way you like. It's not hard to do.

good conduct ribbon
IAR 10 kills
IAR no team damage
50 total hours played

50 hours is nothing as is 10 kills. Just get on a FF=off server and shoot away.

This is a reason why ALL ranked servers should be ff=on. If they are going to make an award around you not being an idiot, they kind of failed by allowing FF=off.

Legion of merit ribbon
Rating: easy/medium
IAR 10 kills
120 Total play hours
10 best kill streak

Pretty much the same as soldier Merit cept you need to play for 120 hours. So if you got the soldier merit, you've covered the 10 best kill streak. Now just play for 120 hours and kill 10 measly people.

Arial Service ribbon
Rating:HARD (and boring)
IAR 15 titan air drops
25 hours total in air transport

Far as I'm concered this is one of the hardest ribbons to get, not to mention BORING. Flying the transport is BORING. It is hard to get a lot of time in one during any given round because:
A: your slow
B: your big
C: gunship missles love you
D: All AA guns love you
E: did I mention slow?

You chances of being killed rather quick or at least making you flight time short is pretty darn good. Unless you do high altitude spawn point, meaning you fly like 500m in the air over a flag/silo and just let people spawn and jump out, you time will rise slowly. You can try the park and sit method but ususally a gunship will see you or some putz will spawn on you and get annoyed. 25 hours isn't really the hard part though..

15 titan AIr drops is..........

Air drops are the most annoying thing to get. Unless you have people who are dedicated to your victory over this badge, it's going to a hard run. Quick titan air drop explaination.

An air drop is when a player pods out of your transport while hovering over the enemy titan. Problem, you can't be very high above the titan or you wont get the drop. ALSO, anyone who gets into your transport needs to do so approx 500m from the enemy titan. If its less than that, say 400, you may still get a drop but don't count on it. watch your altitude at all times. It seems to me if people spawn in while your 500m away but your 400m high, it wont count. Stick to no more than 250m in the air and you should be find.

Now get 15 people to jump out while you hover over the enemy titan. Good Luck. Its best to come in low at the back end and just skim over of the side of the lowest deck. If you are hitting the boxes with the ship you are ok, it doesn't count as a landing.

Issue I ran into:
1. people would simply not jump out, they want to you land. If this happens, just fly away. Dont hover for very long and put the shield up on your approach.

2.Getting people into the trasport. Hard than it should be. Best bet is to always start at your titan. People seem to choose you as a spawn if they see that you just left the titan. You dont need to land in the titan, just fly back to it and fly away again.

Written on 07-07-31 15:48 from bigbacon Rating count: 4 | Rating: 9.75 | Rating


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sapienyia 07-08-10 07:37
Re: Aerial Service Ribbon
It really depends whether the enemy man their AA guns, I mean sometimes they won't. Make sure that the game doesn't allow the movement of titan. Just risk your life to transport the guys and keep shouting "Bail Out!" when you head to the the titan.

Suez Canel is a good place, not far away from both titan...
xycutter 07-10-15 13:55
Titan air drops are easiest on Shuhia Taiba because of the distance between titans and silos on titan-locked servers. I got 10 titan air drops for a pin the 1st try.
adkl 07-12-09 20:06
RE: Legion of merit ribbon
wat do you mean with "and kill 10 measly people."
SloICEMAN 08-03-11 07:00
"measly people" he means it as join a game and kill at least 10 ppl in the round (as usual unless you suck). Once you kill the 10th person while in a server it gives you the award.
bigbacon 08-03-24 14:26
here is another trick for titan drops. You can actually get hte drop points while the titan sheild is still up. People don't even need to land on it sometimes as well. I was able to get a few drop points early in the round because some n00bs would drop out onto the enemy titan with the shield up.
JOTAGore 08-08-23 17:30
i think that "10 best kill streak" means your best kill streak would be of 10 enemy soldiers
JOTAGore 08-08-23 17:51
as for the aerial service ribbon section...
what i do when i drive a transport is:
when i start flying i just go way up and then when im very high i describe a diagonal route to my objective.
that way i drive at higher speed and the gunships have less time to try takin me down and its just a little bit harder for them to notice me...
if thry succeed.. well... "-BAIL OUT!"
danbartos 10-08-23 15:29
danbartos 10-08-26 15:02
pls help me . i need do this badge pls ...