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Bacon's badge/ribbon tips & tricks #3

Written on 07-06-04 19:02 from bigbacon Rating count: 1 | Rating: 10 | Rating


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Lupes? 07-07-05 00:24
should try 35 kills with air vehicle, seems impossible to me :s
Pirate023 07-07-10 21:13
Then knifing badge is really easy to get on a conquest map with a bunch of nubs and be sniper with your cloaking device and knife one and wait for the medic to revive then knife them both and so on.
SpartanAdam 07-07-24 08:51
Good way to get your knife badge is to be engineer with infantry sonar. Make sure you DON'T have heavy armor equipped and use the sonar to locate prey - try sneaking up from behind them, never in front.
Kurokawa 07-10-07 02:56
Is it possible for the gunner on a gunship to get the requirement for the Aircraft badge?
bigbacon 07-10-08 14:53
You could be the gunner in BF2 and get aircraft badges so I would think it would be the same here. That is only way I can see someone getting the 35kills in an air vehicle.
OrdiBart 07-10-18 12:05
[B][Collectors Badge/B]

Just join server with knife only.
Pirate023 07-10-25 03:00
actually it is not impossible to get 35 gunship kills. i got it on Kill or be Killed conquest country maps. get a good pilot and get them!
SloICEMAN 08-03-09 22:59
If you need the 35 kills in the gunship, look for me and tell me your trying to get the ribbon. I'll let you gun and take the kills. Someone helped me this way and I'll give back to whoever asks.
bigbacon 08-03-24 14:27
35 kills in aircraft.
Get a good pilot, even ask on the server for help. Be the gunner and it's cake.