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Bacon's ribbon/badge tips & Tricks! #7

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ground base defense ribbon
Rating: Easy
200 Kills in Ground Defence

This is pretty straight forwards. You need to get 200 kills in the ground based anti vehicle weapon. Easy way to help this along is to get good at sniping infantry with it. You kill infantry in one shot so you can boost your kills much easier than trying to get vehicles. ALso get good at hitting low flying aircraft and using the vehicle weak points to your advantage.
You can also sit in one as commander and get kills by oribtal striking people. Much slower to get to 200 this was but it helps.
Not much else to do but plug away at people till you hit 200.
Many of the NS maps are good for this, specially bridge over ramegen (SP?), and leipzig.

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Titan Arial Defense ribbon
Rating:Medium to Hard
IAR 15kills in titan AA
10 total hours in Titan AA

I've seen threads upon threads about this one and it seems to be very hated among the forum community. First, lets start with 10 hours of titan AA. Could be an eternity! I racked up the 10 hours while working on the WCR. COmmand on titan mode and sit the gun the whole time. It's really the easiest way next to just leaving the game run.
Now, 15 kills in Titan AA. First thing is find a server where the titan can move!!! you need this. Second, command, you need to be able to move the titan near the other one. Now for the fun. Few things to help you along. Don't park the titans front to front and DONT get them as close together as possible. Get them at an angle to each other and keep some distance so you have more space to shoot up aircraft leaving the titan. You still need to hope for idiot pilots. my ascii art stinks so here goes nothing


F=front B=Back, these represent the titan. ALWAY, look for infantry targets who may be on the top of the titan. My favorite is to do this

F----You----B B----Enemy---- F

If you want to make enemies with admins really fast, get the titans setup this way. with the rear facing AA gun you should be able to sweep the ENTIRE titan from the lower landing deck to the stop where the stacks are. You need hope thier sheild goes down first with this setup. You are looking for infantry people who are going to camp out and/or pod onto the thier own titan. The AA gun isn't very accurate so spray away and sweep around the target.

Killing infantry really helps unless you get enough idiots pilots who let you shoot them down. 15 kills may seem like a lot and with most server not allowing titan movement it seems tough.
--------------------------------------------------------- ---
Air Defence Badges
Rating: Medium/Hard
IAR 3 minutes in air defence
IAR 15 kills in AA
20 total hours in AA
IAR 30 kills in AA
50 total hours in AA

What counts as AA:
Ground AA gun, TITAN AA Gun, top gun (f2) on mech.

Bronze: Park your butt for 3 minutes
Silver & Gold
20 hours in AA is a bore. Again, if you are going for commander awards, its best to play titan mode and just sit in the AA guns. Unless you are dedicated, you'll get spurts of time here and there. Same goes for getting 50 hours for the gold. YUCK.
15 Kills: Best thing to use is MEch AA gun. Pick a map that has mechs and lots of infantry. Maps like gibralter are no good. Too confined and you know people are going to be hunting you. Operation Leipzig works well. Lots of places you are park the mech and scan a good area where lots of people will come running. Go engineer or command so you can drop your self supply crate or run away and repair your self. Same rules apply for the gold, though 30 seems pretty darn tough to get. You just need to be able to place yourself well where you can get easy deflection shots on an abundance on people. (Meaning they are coming straight at you or away from you. ) Leipzig is still my pick for this..

---------------------------------------------------- --------
Transport Service badge
Rating: Medium
IAR 10 munits in transport
IAR 5 road kills
25 hours in transport
IAR 12 Road kills
40 hours total in transport

What is a transport?
FAV, APC, Transport Aircraft.

Bronze: Park it for 10.
Silver & Gold
5road kills should be easy. Grab a FAV and zip around. Small maps with lots of infantry are best. Gibralter or Tunis Harbor are best. Tunis is good by the uncaps. People coming down the road or using the open terrain areas just off the bases is best. you can race down there and usually get a person or 2. 12 roadkills may be a bit harder. May want to suppliment by sitting the vehicle and orbital striking people to death.
The time part can be done using one of the 3 vehicles above. I suggest the APC or the Air transprt because you can gain time in two or more areas then. APC counts as armor time also and air transport will help you get time towards the pesky 25 hours of air time.

Written on 07-10-08 14:56 from bigbacon Rating count: 6 | Rating: 7.83 | Rating


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REGz{JAZZ} 07-10-26 17:41
i have reached 100% for a couple of ribbon and medals but have not recieved them, anybody know why?
Dure 07-11-02 12:50
Like REGz{JAZZ} I have several awards at 100% but ot collected the gold medal and points. Any ideas on whats up with that?
Lupes? 07-11-05 23:21
it's not only necessary to reach 100%, you also have to fulfill the IAR conditions, which moslty is a certain amount of kills;

and to help you gus (and bacon) to get the air defense badge, sit at titan guns, while fired ground canons, switch to AA guns, if you kill someone, it will count as an AA kill
=Mstr4x=YD101 08-03-03 04:41
MrSig 08-03-08 16:34
Really, the FAV counts towards the transport ribbon? ...Are you SURE?
SloICEMAN 08-03-11 06:54
Yeah i'm not sure about the FAV counting as a transport, I think the transport helo and APC are the only two that count. Maybe I'm wrong.
bigbacon 08-03-24 14:24
check your award time and then add up the times for those vehicles and it should be the same.
huey31415 08-05-11 12:51
If you want the transport service badge, go nuts with the car in Cerbere Landing. That's where I got my gold badge. Most people only think of using the car to sneak behind enemy lines, but it's even more lethal when you're running people over at the front line of the battle
nickyj82 08-07-11 00:12
heyy bigbacon plz add me, i nned some help getting some badges
JOTAGore 08-08-23 18:05
you talkin about cerbere landing for the road kills??? lool
what about camp gibraltar?? between the wall, at the center of the map, and the eu flag building theres always people crossing if youre holding the toll station
nolloping 09-05-25 11:11
I found that FAv does count towards the transport ribbon. I just got this and als found that zipping rounf like a rocket didn't work. I bolted thrugh the enemy lines alright, but then I back tracked back to where the enemy was hiding from fire form our lines. I was amazed to find that if I didn't drive really aggressive most didn't notice me. I found several gruops healing behind cover that just ignored me. At one point I got a whole squad at the wall by church at cerbre landing hiding from fire from South Town. At that round I ended up with 17 roadkills.
lolinoob 09-09-26 01:22