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Northern strike ribbons and badges

Cold Front Unit Service Ribbon
2 winss at port baviara
2 winss at bridge at remagen
2 winss at liberation of leipzig
and 15 kills in 1 round in a northern strike map

this is a quite easy one,

first play on on of these 3 maps:

port baviara
bridge at remagen
liberation of leipzig

try to be in the winning team, when you see that your team is losing switch to the other team
this is only possible when teambalance is off or when the enemys team has less members then your team

when you wonn 2 times on a map, go to the other
most time, when you play on northern strikeservers, you can play all maps. so vote another or wait for the next round and hope the map changes, you could also change server but because there are not many northern strikeservers, this isn't the best option

then when you have 2 winns on these 3 maps you can start trying to get 15 kills, this is quite easy
you won't get the 15 kills if you havent 2 winns on the 3 maps!
if you still find this hard, then try to go in a vehicle: speeder secondary seat is very good against infantry; goliath is very strong but you wont make very much kills with it because there are 6 other teammembers that are in the goliath and try to get somme kills. sniping is also an option, because of almost no fog on these maps and many other snipers that just lay down and are easy prey

Transporter Duty Ribbon
2 hours played with goliath
9 kills with goliath in 1 round

you have 2 hours time to practice how to use the goliath, after you have done the 2 hours, you need only 9 kills in 1 round, this is quite easy
little sugestion: dont go in the first seat, you have to reload your gun way to long

Meritorious Winterstrike Ribbon
4 destroyed speeders
2 destroyed goliaths
5 deaths by speeder
5 deaths by goliath

you must die to get this ribbon: so you think "i'm gonna run to the enemys speeder or goliath and then they will kill me..."
don't just let them kill you!
you'll probably die more then the neccasery amount. it's better to first trie to destroy 4 speeders and 2 goliaths.
if you've still not obtained the neccasery amount of deaths, then your quite good for your first time on a northern strike map.

destroy the speeders
this isn't that hard, speeders are like cars: you just have to look at them and they already explode. you can also go quite fast with a speeder so if you hit a building, you'r speeder will explode. when you see a speeder from the enemy with a bad driver, just wait untill he's a bit closer and when you shoot them they won't survive. But even with a good driver, is 1 hit from a bazooka enough.

destroy the goliaths
this is harder, ther generate armor and all your teammembers wanna kill it so the chance isn't high that from all those rockets yours give him the final blow. try to aim for the regenerators. hold your cursor on the goliath and when you see his armor is almost down, shoot. a way to get him killed immidiately is place 5 mines under the goliath. when a person enters it explode. c4 is also handy here, place it and then fall back. wait until the goliath hasn't much armor anymore and then press the button...BOOM! and you somme kills.

Operation Snowflake Ribbon
40 kills with speeder
5 kills in 1 round with speeder

just go in second seat of a speeder and kils people. when you play port bavaria and you are in the pac team and the round has just started so that the enemy hasn't any flag, then go with a speeder down to the enemys base. you'll score a lott of kills but beware for the emp from the apc's, once you stand still, you
won't survive for long.

Vehicle Excellence Badge
5 minutes in a northern strike vehicle
1 hour in a northern strike vehicle
8 kills in 1 round with a northern strike vehicle

4 hours with a northern strike vehicle
15 kills in 1 round with a northern strike vehicle

bronze is to easy, you'll get it when you'r trying to get the Transporter Duty Ribbon
silver to, but for gold you need to stay another 2 hour extra in a vehicle.
when thats done you have to make 15 kills. just use the 2 hours to practice a bit with the vehicles.

Arctic Combat Badge
6 kills in 1 round while playing northern strike
play 2 hours on a northern strike map
10 kills in 1 round while playing northern strike

play 5 hours on a northern strike map
15 kills in 1 round while playing northern strike

bronze you'll get when you'r trying to get Vehicle Excellence Badge silver; Cold Front Unit Service Ribbon; Transporter Duty Ribbon
silver you'll get when you'r trying to get Vehicle Excellence Badge
and for gold you need 1 extra hour and 15 kills

so like you see, most time when you'r trying to get a certain badge or ribbon, you'll get automatically some others. these are really the easyst ribbons and badges from whole battlefield
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nikon223 09-05-05 19:50
nice thanks this info will come in handy.